Embryotest Preimplantation Genetic Testing

The Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) enhances the IVF effectiveness, significantly increasing the number of patients who become pregnant as a result of IVF cycle, and reduces the chance of having a child with genetic abnormalities.

Embryotest PGT performed in Genetico allows the detection of chromosomal abnormalities within the full set of chromosomes (46 chromosomes).

Advantages of Embryotest in Genetico are as follows:

  • Qualified personnel with the experience in international companies, including the US Reproductive Genetics Institute, a company that developed the PGT technique and is a world leader in this area.
  • Wide experience in PGT:
    • over 5,000 IVF cycles,
    • over 15,000 embryos without missed abnormalities.
  • Strict quality control using the maximum set of procedures, which ensure the quality of work with biomaterials.
  • In-house medical genetic service and team of PGT consultants.
  • Highly reliable and productive equipment.
  • Service execution time.